May 27, 2017

Greetings from your Website Coordinator

The Chapter Calendar is now up and running. As you may notice not all the months have a lot of events listed. The calendar is an active web page and will change every time an event is added or date changed. If you click on the month it will bring up that month's calendar and coming events for that month. All links to a pull-up page are colored light blue. If there is an event that you would like to know more about then close that window which will bring you back to the main calendar page. Now go over to right and click on the event name that you want more information about. This will bring up the flyer for that event as it was presented to us.

As some of may have noticed, we have not had News Letter for some time. Due to life changing events, our editor has had to move their time and energies else were. So to keep you informed as to what is happing with your chapter I have been asked to publish the minutes to the meeting. You will find them where the News Letter is posted.

May 27, 2017


   May 27th Memorial Fest at Earls Hideaway - Veterans Ceremony with a 21 gun salute and wreath laying will begin at 1 p.m. followed by a butterfly release in memory of all lost loved ones. Butterflies can be purchased for $20. Call 772-360-9704 for information on the butterflies. All proceeds go to the Richard Phillips Downed Biker Fund.

   Please visit our Web page at Treasure Coast Abate Chapter. Ed, our Web Master, has been working very hard to get it up a running. You can view recent mtg. information as well as a calendar of events for dates and places. If you know of a ride or a run you want to get the word out, please forward the information to me or Ed Young at He is doing a spectacular job!!!

    Moving of Brevard County's World Trade Center I-Beam. The beam will be moved from Kennedy Space Center to The Avenues in Viera. The Beam will be on an open trailer for the public to view as we make our way south. This will be the final resting place for the 7-foot, 2,000 lb. I-beam. Anyone interested in this ride should meet anytime after 9:00 am on May 27th. The procession will begin promptly at 10:00 am and make its way south. The meeting point will be on North Courtenay Parkway (Merritt Island), just outside the KSC gate. The beam will make its way from the Fire Station on KSC and meet up with the procession. Upon arrival at The Avenues, a crane will off-load the I-beam and place it in its final resting place. A permanent memorial is currently under construction. A reception will follow at the World Of Beer. Ed Parker 321-537-9282

   SUNDAY May 28th Biker Church, flyer attached continental breakfast at 9:15, 10:00 a.m. Services



Sue Hulce

Vice Pres. Treasure Coast Chapter 



Thank you,   



Pres. Steve Kliemisch


Certificate of Excellence

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Rider Perception Test

The Motorcycle Safety FoundationŠ Has created a fun and infomative game that demonstrates the importance of being an attentive rider.

The game has two ways to test your abiity to pay attention to, process and respond to signs and situatons you may encounter out on the road.

1. A Road Signs Test, which tests how quickly you can see, comprehend and respond to signs on the road.

2. A Collision Traps Test, which shows you pictures of real life on th road situations and asks you to interpret what the most pressing danger could be.

How perceptive a rider are you?

There are 3 difficulty settings to challenge yourself with.

Click the picture to test yourself.

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