We are planning to try and get the meetings moved more up north and do them on a weekend maybe breakfast or lunch, followed by a ride with friends. If anyone has any suggestions, please email or call. We want to get united again. We would also like suggestions on which day. Most chapters have gotten rid of the night meetings and we want to do it as well. We need people, so we have opinions to help us grow.



Pres. Steve Kliemisch

 WE ARE CHANGING OUR MONTHLY MEETINGS TO THE FIRST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH and the NEW location will be at MALABAR MO'S on the corner of Malabar Rd and US #1 at 10:00 BEGINNING AUGUST 4TH. Food and beverages will be available for purchase as well. Come on down and enjoy the view and our new location and time!!!!

SHIRTS - There are short sleeve, long sleeve, spaghetti straps and tank tops. If anyone is interested, just send an email or call one of your board members. The are several logos for the back of the shirts and are in florescent like the back of the lettering on the firemen's jackets. Prices, pictures and a choice of logos are on the sheets. A zip file is attached. I have seen them and they are really nice!

OUR CHAPLAN, Kim Frazier is available to anyone in need of prayer. Either for yourself or a loved one. Pleas feel free to give her a call at 772-538-9709 or send an email to

   Steve will still be the President of Treasure Coast.


No one ran for a position on our Board, so it we all agreed to stay on for another year. It is our hope that in the upcoming year, some of our members will step up to the plate and take on a position.  We have all held these positions for a very long time.  Now it is your time to keep this Chapter strong.


Sue Hulce

Greetings from your Website Coordinator

Well we had our first meeting at Moe's. Currently we meet in the front room; however, if we can get enough member (new and/or old) to come to the meetings we will get moved to a larger room. It's nice that we can get something to eat or drink during the meeting. As of yet we do not have any ABATE rides coming up; however, that should not preclude our member from getting together an going on out for a ride.  


Certificate of Excellence

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Rider Perception Test

The Motorcycle Safety FoundationŠ Has created a fun and informative game that demonstrates the importance of being an attentive rider.

The game has two ways to test your ability to pay attention to, process and respond to signs and situatons you may encounter out on the road.

1. A Road Signs Test, which tests how quickly you can see, comprehend and respond to signs on the road.

2. A Collision Traps Test, which shows you pictures of real life on th road situations and asks you to interpret what the most pressing danger could be.

How perceptive a rider are you?

There are 3 difficulty settings to challenge yourself with.

Click the picture to test yourself.

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