JAN 29, 2017

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Those who missed the chili cook-off at Vintage chapter really missed a good time. Yes it was a cold ride up there, but the reception was warm and inviting. The build your own bugger worked out well, if you timed it right they would run out of cooked buggers just as you got there. This would mean that you had to wait beside the cook (where the real heat was) to get one fresh off the grill. They had between ten to fifteen pots of chili. The only slow up was waiting for the judges to finish judging the chili (I think that the judges were enjoying the chili too much). After the chili had been released for a while the events were started. Who would think that a dresser could go that slow? He would have won for the competition had already passed the finish line and just as he was about to cross he had to put a foot down and get disqualified. The only grumbles that I heard about the events were “I can drive slower than that and my pipes are louder that that”.  My feeling on that is if you don’t compete then you can’t win. On the ride home, we went down US1 as Steve said “it will be slower but warmer”.  All in all it was a good time.

Dec 30, 2016

We had a great Toy Run this year and hope to see you again next year.



Sue Hulce

Vice Pres Treasure Coast Chapter 


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Talking points suggestions for HB 6009

Below are a few talking points that you can use to talk with your legislators about HB 6009

  • Phone calls to either the legislators District office or Tally office are better than sending an email.
  • You have more clout with your own legislator than with one from another district. Use that clout by telling the legislators office that you are one of their constituents. To find out who your State legislators are visit this web page and enter your address.


  • The absolute most important thing is to speak to them in a calm friendly manner. Do not call angry or talk down to the person. The old saying is true “You attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.” We cannot afford to turn any legislators against us.
  • When you call the legislators’ office, you will almost always get the secretary or aide. Be prepared to tell your name, address and phone number. Tell them that you are a member of ABATE of Florida, Inc. ________ Chapter. If you are a regular voter then tell them that. Don’t tell them you vote if you rarely ever vote.
  • If you do vote regularly, the past few general and primary elections you are a Super Voter. This carries more clout because they now know that you actually do get out and vote.
  • Tell the person at the office that you are opposed to HB 6009 and you would like the legislator help fight against this bill. Something as simple as:
    • “Hello, my name is (Your Name), I live at (Your address) , Florida. I am a member of ABATE of Florida, Treasure Coast Chapter in Indian River County. I am call to ask for Rep. (Your Local Rep.) (Click on the link above to find your Rep)  help in opposing HB 6009.  I live in (Your Local Rep.) district and I vote in every single election. Please let (Your Local Rep.) know that I am opposed to HB 6009 and I would like his help opposing this bill. Thank you.”
    • Occasionally they might ask you why you are opposed to the bill. If the office is busy that day they probably will not ask you why you are opposed.
  • Here are a few short easy to give reasons why you oppose HB 6009:
    • There has not been any definitive proof that simply wearing a helmet will guarantee saving a life. In 2015, 296 motorcyclists were killed in Florida while wearing a helmet. This is compared to 237 killed without a helmet.
    • There is no definitive proof that all motorcyclists killed without a helmet died from head injuries.
    • There is no definitive proof that the cost of medical treatment to an injured motorcyclist is actually passed on to “society” to pay. People for the mandatory helmet law love to say that “X amount of dollars for motorcyclists medical bills are passed on to the citizens of Florida”. This is simply illogical and is presumptive that ALL motorcyclist have no insurance at all.
    • If the only reason for this bill is to save lives, then support a statewide Motorcycle Awareness Program. Education not legislation can save more lives.
    • $2.50 of all motorcycle registration fees goes into a motorcycle awareness education fund. Give ABATE of Florida at least 25% of that yearly money and we can mount a Statewide Motorcycle Awareness program that is effective, efficient and saves the State of Florida lives and money.
  • When done, Thank the person for listening and let them know that if they have any further questions we will get back with them. Then contact Doc and myself so that we can answer their questions.

Thank you,   



Prez. Steve


Certificate of Excellence

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Rider Perception Test

The Motorcycle Safety FoundationŠ Has created a fun and infomative game that demonstrates the importance of being an attentive rider.

The game has two ways to test your abiity to pay attention to, process and respond to signs and situatons you may encounter out on the road.

1. A Road Signs Test, which tests how quickly you can see, comprehend and respond to signs on the road.

2. A Collision Traps Test, which shows you pictures of real life on th road situations and asks you to interpret what the most pressing danger could be.

How perceptive a rider are you?

There are 3 difficulty settings to challenge yourself with.

Click the picture to test yourself.

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