It is imperative that drivers understand the proper and safest way to share the road with motorcycle riders. Recognizing the need, ABATE of Florida, Inc. created the “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Program” to educate the public and help prevent fatalities and crashes and to help save lives. Also know as MSAP, it was developed and copyrighted by ABATE Of Florida, Inc .

Abate of Florida, Inc.’s commitment is strong and we continued to improve the program and expand our reach. With now more than 900,000 motorcyclists coming in and out of the State of Florida the need to reach more of the driving public is even greater.

In 2008 a new video was added to the program. The program is given to non- motorcyclists or any organization to educate them how to safely share the road with a motorcyclist. It is taught in local schools Drivers Education Programs, and civic organizations at no charge in hope of reducing motorcycle fatalities and crashes through education not legislation.

Trained members of local ABATE chapters, from the Panhandle to the Keys present the MSAP program and provide valuable insight and information necessary to make the roads safer for everyone. We are continuing our efforts to develop more outlets. We are united in our efforts to teach everyone to “Watch for Motorcycles”.

ABATE of Florida, Inc. and your local ABATE chapter offer the Motorcycle Safety Awareness Program to any organization or school free of charge. For more information or to arrange for a presentation, please call the state office 386-943-9610.