ABATE of Florida, Inc. and its’ members have made a commitment to the motorcyclist of Florida to try and help make riding the roads of Florida less dangerous. For many years they have worked to make an impact by informing the non-riding public about motorcycle awareness and safe ways to share the road with motorcycles.

Members of ABATE of Florida, Inc., throughout the state, are trained to become instructors in our MSAP program. They then visit schools, expos and other organizations spreading motorcycle awareness.

Abate of Florida, Inc. holds many workshops on Motorcycle Safety. At these seminars experts from all over the country speak on Motorcycle Safety. Some of our presentations in the past have included Two Trauma 1st Responder, our Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Program, being properly insured, from the Eyes of the Law, and much more.

In 2006, ABATE of Florida, Inc., in cooperation with the Florida Department of Highways increased their efforts in motorcycle awareness with items such as billboards, public service announcements, posters, an additional Motorcycle Awareness video and various other items.

We work each year with the Governor to proclaim May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness month.

With the increase of vehicles on our highways, motorcycle safety has become an even larger concern. Too many motorcyclists are being injured or killed due to the negligence of others.

Not only must we educate the non-riding public, we must educate the riding public about the laws of Florida and other states as well as federal laws so they can be safe when they ride. Safety begins the moment you get on a motorcycle or get behind the wheel of any motor vehicle.

ABATE of Florida, Inc. is working diligently to get the message, “WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES”.

The following links are provided for those who desire more information concerning Motorcycle Safety and Awareness:

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